The Party

Fashion here in China is a little….different. As a tribute to this, we threw a party that was themed ‘Chinese Fashion’. Everyone came dressed in what would be considered regular and fashionable here, but utterly hideous to most others. Judge for yourself….

lensless glasses & bows.

animal print on animal print.

stocking socks & PJ's in public.



Angry Birds paraphernalia.


Matching t-shirt couples.

colour over-kill.

a 'cake'?

the (unwanted) clothing left behind....

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A snapshot of the city we now call home….


the 'night life'


just your average sunday morning exercise on a mountain


a smoggy view of Nanjing from the top of Purple Mountain



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Our (very) humble abode

This is our ‘Marie Antoinette-meets-modern China, immaculate white box of an apartment. It is right in the city centre and a 10 minute walk to hospital. Perfect!

Small, but quaint 🙂

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Life in pictures

Throughout my travels thus far, I’ve taken many photos on my iPhone.
Here they are, from Boracay to Nanjing….

Intern 101.

my prescription for raw, Chinese herbs

week 1. Respiratory ward.

My saviour, soy latte ❤

Bao (Bun) Shop - Breakfats everyday. Amazing (12 cents!)

Where the Bao live...

Personal, home mini-bar

Beer with tea with dinner

A very flooded Nanjing

rain rain rain

...more rain

my home city

33 stories high

Bottle neck bike jam!

37 degrees

SHANGHAI streets, French influence.

Shanghai Tower splice

Crazy tunnel underpass/ride weird thing under the Bund in Shanghai

a dinner to mark time. (MOCK MEAT feast!)

First Day in China


my home made tea


TOFU, my love.

the best thing I'd eaten since I left Australia (Singapore)

Boracay.... the Beauty

the best!!!!

the. beach.

the booze ($2 per bottle) !!!

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T.I.C. (this is China!)

Arrived in China, finally. This is a Lakeside town called Hangzhou….

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3 days in Singapore

A clean country….

…& very patriotic

And of course, when in Rome (Raffles Hotel), you must indulge in the original SINGAPORE SLING….

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Bye Bye Boracay…

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